Securing Trust: The Role of Digital Identity in Fraud Prevention

Tuesday 30th April at 11am CET | 45 minutes
Join us for a dynamic webinar hosted by Transmit Security and PwC as we delve into the intricate world of modern fraud detection and cybersecurity.
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The fraud landscape is always advancing. Fraudster tactics are becoming increasingly sophisticated and with GenAI evolving increasingly fast, businesses continue to face a critical challenge: distinguishing real users from imposters. Digital Identity solutions play a critical role in helping businesses rise to the challenge; creating a robust, adaptable shield and protecting users from identity-derived fraud.

In this webinar, we’ll address:

  • The evolution of the Fraud landscape and why traditional solutions are no longer good enough.
  • The role Digital Identity solutions need to play to protect user identities in a world of more modern, sophisticated attacks.
  • To what extent modern identity solutions alone are capable of detecting modern Fraud attacks.
We look forward to sharing more on how the power of Digital Identity solutions can enable you to combat ever-evolving fraud and put trust back in your online interactions.


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Chris van Diemen

Sr. Identity Architect

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Mark van der Horst

Executive Identity Leader

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Dan Wiseman

Senior Solutions Advisor

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